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PDF High Slew Rate Rail-to-Rail Dual Operational Amplifiers

VS = 5V, VS - = -5V, RL = 10kΩ and CL = 10pF to 0V, TA = 25°C unless otherwise specified. Output Phase Reversal The EC5462 is designed to prevent its output from being phase reversal as long as the input voltage is limited from VS-0.5V to VS 0.5V.

G450vs Best Office Stationery Mini Paper Cutter A2 A3 A4 Paper...

G450VS . Product name: FN-G450VS . Material: stainless steel.

PDF V-Drive

The tables "Tbl-3", "Tbl-4" and "Tbl-5" specify the standard gearbox weights with medium-sized adapter plate. If a different adapter plate is mounted, the actual weight can deviate by up to 10 %. 3.6.1 Weight V-Drive Advanced (VT , VH , VS ). gearbox size VT . - 1-stage [kg].

J-Stars Victory VS - Wikipedia

J-Stars Victory VS . VS also marks the game's first appearance on the PlayStation 4, in addition to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita as with its predecessor.[8] The new release features an identical character roster to the original, while also incorporating game balance adjustments based on...

PDF Vs 3 Out 4

Rating 12 V VS to VS− See Figure 3 VS to VS− −65°C to 125°C −40°C to 125°C 300°C. 150°C. Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. 3 VS Positive Power Supply Voltage. 4 OUT Positive Side of the Differential Output.

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